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Abdullah Ahmed Mohammed Alol
University of Sharjah - Faculty of Medicine
University of Sharjah - Faculty of Medicine

In his last year at the University of Sharjah, the Faculty of Medicine, Abdullah Ahmed Al-Alul thanked the Ministry of Presidential Affairs for its continuous support and encouragement to exert more effort at the educational and vocational levels. With honors "during his studies.
In the course of his studies, he sought to achieve a balance between his medical studies and external activities and activities, as well as perseverance in self development and development of outstanding and important skills for the medical profession such as: "leadership skills", "teamwork" and "innovation" In which.
Al-Alul also focused on participating in events that raise awareness of common diseases and ways to maintain self-health such as awareness campaigns in the World Health Day, charity rallies to eliminate diabetes and obesity, and participation in many volunteer programs such as Dubai Cares, In addition to participating in several conferences and presenting a number of researches in the form of social research that seeks to study the effects of traffic congestion and driving for long hours on stress, physical and mental health among drivers in Sharjah, and scientific research conducted by Te and development of medical laboratory for a new drug to treat a type of lung cancer known Bhdth and the difficulty of treatment, achieving victory in the competition "Bohrnger Ingelheim - German pharmaceutical company" best poster presentation during the submission for this search.
Abdullah Alalloul presented the Hamdan Bin Rashid Award to be able to document what he had achieved during his years of study at the College as a great award from an institution that is concerned with science, excellence and innovation, and reflects the effort and efficiency of the winner. "My award is the culmination of my achievements and efforts during My years of studies at the Faculty of Medicine, and this has added to my self-confidence and a sense of pride and distinction in my professional and social life, and I will continue to strive to provide better and more distinctive service to the UAE's leadership and people. I look forward to a bright future with greater protection. O and determination.