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Hamad Al Zaabi
Engineering Management
Engineering Management

Hamad Khaled Issa Bouataba Al Zaabi, a student at the Office of Scholarships Scholarship in the United States of America at the University of Arizona State Department of Engineering Management, in collaboration with a fellow of the Faculty of Engineering graduated project on the investment of clean and renewable renewable solar energy. The project's main idea was to manage a project for a US company, SolarSpeel, which designed a solar-powered solar charger to be manufactured in the Republic of Rwanda and provided to schools that lacked electricity.
With the success of the project experience in the Republic of Rwanda, the company was asked to implement the same project in Comoros, Ethiopia and French Polynesia in the Pacific.
The student was responsible for managing the collective project and manufacturing responsibility, working with two other teams, the first for design in America, and the second for manufacturing in Rwanda.